Award Winning Professional Home Organiser.

My aim is to leave your space feeling stylish, calm and fresh 




Hi, I’m Lucy. My passion for organising homes, shops and spaces was born whilst working in interiors and design in both London and Sydney. 


I love making spaces usable, accessible and most of all, peaceful. A clutter free life is what I help people achieve. 


Take a look at my services, all designed to take the stress out of interior styling and organising, leaving you to focus on the things that matter most to you. 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation, so please get in touch below. 



Featured on 'Making the Cut' podcast - hosted by Davina McCall and Michael Douglas


Making the Cut - Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

Making the Cut - Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

Making the Cut - Davina McCall and Michael Douglas
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Featured on 'Making the Cut' podcast - hosted by Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

Featured on 'Making the Cut' podcast - hosted by Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

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An interview with Heart radio sharing some of my organisation tips.


Feature article in Kitchens , Bedrooms & Bathrooms

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Do you look at cupboards, drawers or rooms in your house and feel completely overwhelmed by them? That’s why I am here, to work with you to help declutter, sort and organise your space.

My services include kitchen and pantry, utility rooms, wardrobe and bedrooms, children’s toys and playrooms, living and dining areas, loft and garages. I also offer help prior to, or just after moving house. All of these services are designed to take the stress and anxiety out of organisation, as I will guide and work with you throughout.


  • Firstly we will have an initial 30 minute (free) consultation over the phone to understand a bit more about your space and your aims.

  • From this, I will begin planning your project. I will research and source all storage for you, to ensure they create the right aesthetic for your budget. 

  • A deposit is required upon booking.




I charge £450 a day plus travel.


This includes:

- A free 30 minute consultation.

- Full planning of the project, including research and sourcing of all storage.

- I buy all the storage needed for the project and bring it with me on the day (which is then itemised and invoiced to the client on completion of the project).

- A day consists of 9 hours. Sometimes jobs might need a little more time, so if we go over, an hourly rate of £45 will be applied. 

- Removal of decluttered items. These will be taken away and given to the local charity shop, or my affiliated homeless charity, 'Feed Up, Warm Up'.

I am based in Hertfordshire, but am happy to travel. Travel is free for the first 30 minutes, my hourly rate applies thereafter. Congestion, ULEZ and parking charges will be applied. 

Bank holiday and weekend charges apply. 




As a Mum of four, I find it very hard to keep my home organised. I seem to buy/collect things and shove them in cupboards, never to be seen again.
I recently moved house which made me realise how much stuff I had accumulated over the years.
I was overwhelmed by the amount I needed to sort and organise and had no clue where to start. Then Lucy stepped in and she literally transformed my kitchen and utility space. Her ideas were brilliant, space saving and they looked great.
I used to dread unpacking my food shop as I would just stuff things into cupboards then desperately try and remember where I had put them! I can honestly say I feel so much calmer now and everything has a place. The cupboards are clean and organised and I can literally grab things and go! Thank you so much Lucy, you have made life so much easier for me!

Sabbie, Letchworth

Lucy’s enthusiasm is contagious!  She LOVES organising things!  And she’s GREAT at it.  She spent around 20 hours at my house, sorting out my kitchen, utilities room and playroom. They were all a big mess but under her watchful eye and skilful hands, she has transformed them into areas of order and now I know what I have and can see everything too!  I got rid of a bunch of stuff I no longer needed and have given it to others who need it. Lucy is professional and very skilled at what she does. Furthermore, it has been a great delight to have her in my home!  THANK YOU LUCY!!!

Dana, Harpenden

Lucy does an amazing job! Not only was she a fun and friendly person to have in the house, she was so efficient and found places for things I would never have thought of. Plus she alleviated the stress of having to scour the internet for storage boxes, jars etc by choosing them all for me. I love now that everything has a ‘place’, is easy to find and finally everyone in the house puts things back in the same place! Highly recommend Lucy - my organised drawers mean a clearer, more focused head for me! 

Alex, Walthamstow 

‘Lucy is a complete breath of fresh air. She is highly professional and her enthusiasm for organising is infectious. She took the time to understand my style, likes and dislikes and provided a personalised service. I would highly recommend using Lucy to organised any space in your house, you will not be disappointed with the result.’

Lauren, St Albans

Lucy is an absolute God send! I actually can’t put into words how much she’s helped me and my family, but mainly my mental state. I am a massive procrastinator & I get overwhelmed quite easily. Myself, my partner & my 2 young children just moved into our new home & I didn’t know where to start to organise my house. Lucy just made me tackle it head on which was basically me drinking coffee and watching her organise our stuff for us haha. From our kitchen cabinets, to our wardrobes and under the stairs cupboard. Even if my house gets messy which it does being a working mum of two, I am on top of tidying daily & actually (never thought I’d say it) ENJOY IT because now every item has a home or place to put it and that’s all down to Lucy

Gina, Breachwood Green



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